Please take a moment to read these FAQs before contacting us. Thanks!

Do you deliver?

We are pleased to offer delivery throughout the city of San Francisco to patients who are already verified in our system, with a current recommendation.

Please call 415-541-9590 for details or to place your order.

Thank you!

Are You Hiring?

The Green Door experiences pretty low turnover, but we welcome you to email your resume, cover letter, availability, and three references to resume@greendoorsf.com. We also invite you to include a one minute intro video of yourself or a photograph, but these items are not required to apply. We also occasionally host open calls for resumes. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed and news page for announcements when that happens.

What are your vending hours?

We don’t have set vending hours, but we set appointments as necessary. Please call us at (415) 541-9590 to schedule an appointment with a manager.

What are your Holiday Hours?

We are generally CLOSED on the 4th Of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. We also close early at 5 on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve. We will announce any changes in these hours on our website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.

Can I return my medicine?

We invite you to view and smell your medicine, but once your medicine leaves our dispensary, we are unable to exchange or refund it. This policy is strictly enforced, first and foremost, with the health of our patients in mind.