FAQs | Marijuana Dispensary & Vape Lounge | The Green Door


Do you ship overseas? Interstate? Throughout California?

No, no, and no. We do not ship anywhere, ever. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. You can expect a major announcement if that ever changes.

Do you deliver?

We are pleased to offer delivery throughout the city of San Francisco to patients who are already verified in our system, with a current recommendation. Please call 415-541-9590 for details or to place your order.

Are you hiring?

The Green Door experiences pretty low turnover, but we welcome you to email your resume, cover letter, availability, and three references to resume@greendoorsf.com. We also invite you to include a one-minute intro video of yourself or a photograph, but these items are not required to apply. We also occasionally host open calls for resumes. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed and news page for announcements when that happens.

When will my favorite strain be back in stock?

We’re not sure, but as soon as we can get it! We want our patients to be happy and get the medicine they seek. If we’re not stocking something you’re interested in, let us know. If you’re waiting for something to come back in stock, just keep an eye on the menu. It is updated multiple times daily.

What are concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are refined extracts. Typically concentrates are taken through vaporization. This is called Dabbing.

What are your vending hours?

We don’t have set vending hours; please fill out our vendor form.

What are your holiday hours?

We are generally CLOSED on the 4th Of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. We also close early at 5 on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve. We will announce any changes in these hours on our website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.

Can I return my medicine?

We invite you to view and smell your medicine, but once your medicine leaves our dispensary, we are unable to exchange or refund it. This policy is strictly enforced, first and foremost, with the health of our patients in mind.

What is considered an edible dose?

Edibles affect each person differently. Depending on what you've eaten and how much you weigh, your experience will vary. It's good to remember that less is more when consuming edibles. If you accidentally eat too much, you could suffer varying degrees of temporary anxiousness. Edibles come in many different forms including gummy candy, cookies, chocolates and more. To find out more about what dose is right for you, contact us today.

Do you accept vendors

If you would like to become a vendor at The Green Door, please drop off a sample at our front desk along with test results and price information. We will review and contact you if we are interested in making a purchase