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The Differences Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

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The Differences Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

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Recreational marijuana has been in use in the United States since the late 1800’s, when it was used in many over-the-counter medicines. In recent years, both medical and recreational marijuana have become more popular throughout the country. People seek both types out for similar reasons, but how are these two types of cannabis different?

Many of the key differences lie in how you can obtain your marijuana. You need a recommendation from your doctor to use medical marijuana. To obtain this recommendation, you need to have a qualifying medical condition, which must be reviewed regularly. You do not need a recommendation for recreational marijuana. The age requirements are different as well; you must be over 18 to purchase medical marijuana, while you must be over 21 to purchase recreational marijuana.

Indica vs Sativa

There are two main types of cannabis plant: the Indica and the sativa. They affect people differently, making each suited for a different use.

Indica mainly affects your body and makes you feel heavy. It contains more CBD than THC and has a short, dense plant structure. Indica’s effects are found to work against anxiety, migraines, overall pain management, and other conditions, making it the preferred marijuana plant for medical use.

Sativa has a tall, skinny plant structure and mainly affects your mind. It contains more THC and produces a euphoric effect, making it perfect for recreational marijuana use.

Medical vs Recreational Shopping

Shopping for medical and recreational marijuana tends to be a similar experience. Qualified medical patients present their ID to prove their age and a valid medical cannabis card.

If you are looking for qualified advice about how a certain strain of cannabis will benefit a medical condition, a medical dispensary or a dual-licensed shop are the best options for you. Don’t be afraid to explore multiple dispensaries until you find one with well-trained employees that can answer your questions.


Social stigma and perception create perhaps the biggest difference between medical and recreational marijuana; Most Americans are still more likely to support the use of medical cannabis over recreational use.

While using recreational marijuana is still somewhat taboo according to public opinion, casual use can have its own effects on wellness. Low doses of recreational marijuana can help alleviate daily stress and anxiety, or you might come across a strain that works wonders on the symptoms of a chronic condition. As new products and medicines with different effects come to the market, it’s easy to see the benefits of both medical and recreational marijuana.

At the Green Door, we can help you find the strain you are looking for. We are conveniently located to serve San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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