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Can Marijuana Edibles Help You Lose Weight?

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Can Marijuana Edibles Help You Lose Weight?

Marijuana Edibles Available In Multiple Forms

Most people associate marijuana with “the munchies” and the desire to eat a ton of salty and sweet treats. When they think about marijuana edibles, the same treats come to mind because most of the options offered at dispensaries are in candy or baked good forms. For some, the benefits of marijuana edibles outweigh the unhealthy amount of sugar and fat in the item. However, there are other forms of marijuana edibles and ways to use them that can actually help you lose weight!

Supplement Your Workouts Marijuana edibles can supplement your workouts in multiple ways. The medical properties of marijuana help to reduce pain, making physical activity easier. Sativa-based edibles can give you a burst of energy to help you get moving. The anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana also help to ease your muscles after an intense workout.

Adding fiber, protein, and vitamins into your diet can help to give you the energy you need for a successful workout. Marijuana edibles come in oil, butter, and flour forms, allowing you to be able to make healthy, delicious pre-workout snacks! Infusing nut butter, hummus, or a smoothie could be a great option to keep you energized!

Boost Your Mood – Mood illnesses like anxiety and depression can result in weight gain, as binge eating and a reduction of physical activity are common. Marijuana edibles can help to boost your mood, giving you the push you might need to practice healthy habits. The combination of boosting your mood with marijuana edibles and adapting to a new positive practice can help you feel better and improve your daily life.

Increasing your intake of healthy carbs, proteins, and Vitamins D and B can help to kickstart your mood. Marijuana edibles can help you feel calmer and happier so you can focus on weight loss or increasing your physical activity. Cannabis tinctures and oils are extremely easy to ingest and can be used in a variety of formats! Whether you prefer to ingest oil in its purest form or like to mix it into a salad, oatmeal, or other food, the mood-boosting properties remain the same!

Control Your Blood Sugar – If you have high blood sugar, your cells can develop insulin resistance. Your body then stops using glucose for energy, putting you at risk for diabetes and weight gain. Marijuana edibles can help reduce the inflammation associated with insulin resistance, helping you metabolize your sugars in a proper manner.

Foods high in fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants can help improve your blood sugar levels. With all of the marijuana edible options out there, you can find a product or ingredient to add to your diet, boosting your sugars and giving you the effects you desire.

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